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I’m an artist specializing in art for kids.  My work is full of life and I would be honored if it find its way to the walls of your home.  I do custom paintings, murals, as well as giclee art prints or canvas reproductions.  My past work has all been made to order, so my inventory is small, but growing. My etsy shop will be open soon.  Thanks for your patience!

Have an idea but not sure exactly what you want?  Just let me know and I know we can come up with something special for your favorite child.

Custom prices below are approximate and will be confirmed once we’ve settled on a general design. Estimates will be provided for murals based on location, final design, size and materials needed. Minimum begin at $400. A deposit of approximately 50% is required to begin custom work.


11 x 14 canvas = $100

16 x 20 canvas = $150

10 x 30 canvas = $180

18 x 24 canvas = $200


12 x 12 canvas = $100

18 x 18 canvas = $150

20 x 20 canvas = $180

24 x 24 canvas =$225

Custom Artwork Deposit
Small $50 USD
Medium $75.00 USD
Large $100.00 USD


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Christmas Tree Plan B

What do you do when you close on a new home about ten seconds into the new year, yet still want to make your home festive for your kids without unpacking and repacking all of your Christmas stuff?

Keep it all packed up nicely in the garage rafters and improvise! christmas tree ornaments

-Real tree.  More like a treelet so we can keep floor space open for the bins and boxes that will likely be piling up by then. Came in its own tree stand.

-string of lights $3. We’ll donate those with the tree stand if we don’t manage to throw it in while our other stuff is getting packed on the moving truck. Everything else is paper so we can recycle it.  Waste free and pack free-yay!!

photo(114) photo(113)

-Paper garland.  The boys’ attention span matched the necessary length.  Win!

-Beloved action figures as climbing the tree count as ornaments.  They do.  It’s about what you love and right now, this is what they love.  Included in our tree are an armless GI Joe, headless Spiderman, legless Spiderman, motorcycle-less Spiderman (meaning he looks like he’s pooping in the tree), 2 Darth Vaders a Stormtrooper and an Elvis.  The joy they felt decorating this tree was incomparable, as were the sound effects.

best ornaments for kids

-My favorite part is the star decorated by my oldest, which includes the word, “Pese” with a peace sign covered in what appears to be bacon.

We rocked it.  I haven’t loved a Christmas tree this much since I was stringing the sweet 70’s candy garland on my childhood Christmas tree with my family.  I’ll be sneaking one of Spideys into my purse, marking the year with a sharpie, and whether or not we do our Plan B tree next year, I’ll be hanging this memory on our tree for years to come.

What about you? What’s your favorite holiday decorating memory?

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